Fractional Yacht Ownership

Sea Style Yacht Partners is a premier yacht fractional ownership company offering a unique and worry free way to experience yacht ownership. With our focus on providing exceptional service and attention to detail, we pride ourselves on offering unparalleled experience to our yacht owners. Our company is dedicated to offer fractional ownership solutions on fully crewed Lagoon catamarans over 55′, which are known for their exceptional stability, comfort and spaciousness.


Our Fleet

Explore the exquisite fleet Sea Style has waiting for you.

Beneteau Grand Trawler 62

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Your Yacht

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Lagoon 55

Starting at $625,000

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Lagoon SEVENTY 7

Starting at $1,950,000

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Lagoon SIXTY 7

Starting at $1,225,00

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Lagoon SIXTY 5

Starting at $1,225,000

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Lagoon SEVENTY 8

Starting at $1,950,000

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O Yachts Class 6

Starting at $850,000

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25% & 50% Shares

At Sea Style Yacht Partners, we believe that yacht ownership should be simple and can be made more affordable by sharing ownership with up to 4 individuals. By offering 25% or 50% ownership shares, it allows our clients to enjoy the benefits of yacht ownership without the high costs and maintenance responsibilities. Our yacht management team takes care of everything from maintenance to crew hiring and provisioning, ensuring that each trip is stress-free and enjoyable.

Lagoon Sixty5

Arriving Fall 2024

Shares are available on our upcoming Lagoon Sixty5, contact us today to reserve your ownership on this Lagoon Catamaran that will be located in The Bahamas & Caribbean each winter and North East US coast during summers.

Who We Are

Sea Style is a US based and owned company with headquarters in Annapolis, MD. Sea Style is part of the SSA Group, a leader in fractional yachting for the past 20 years. With over 500 boats under management since its inception, the SSA group and its team has unparalleled experience in yacht fractional management.

World Destinations

Whether you want to sail on the south coast of France or Italy, in the Caribbean, the US eastern seaboard or even French Polynesia, contact us to learn more about our locations and yacht ownership opportunities. Each of our yacht has a dedicated cruising area depending on the season and owners’ input. For example, one yacht can have their first winter season in Florida or Bahamas and be relocated to the New England for the summer, and then be shipped for a summer in the Med the following summer.