Frequently Asked

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What is fractional ownership?

Fractional ownership allows an individual to buy a share of a Yacht and enjoy usage of the Yacht proportionally to their share.

How many owners are on each Yacht?

Up to 4 owners can share a Yacht. Each owner has the possibility to own a 25% or 50% share. The limited amount of owner’s preserve the exclusive experience of Yacht ownership while significantly reducing the cost of sole ownership.

How is the ownership structured?

Each yacht is owned by a single asset llc and each owner owns shares of the llc proportionally to their equity in the yacht. Sea Style does not hold any ownership in the llc.

Can I finance my share?

Yes, Sea Style is the first fractional ownership company to offer the option to finance the share of your yacht.

Can I trade in my current boat?

Yes, send us the information on your current boat and we will make a trade-in offer based on the model , year and condition of your boat.

Who maintains and manages the Yacht?

Sea Style’s experienced team takes care of the management and schedule all the necessary maintenance for your yacht. From crew management, yard periods by our management team to book a dinner reservation while you’re on your yacht by our concierge service, Sea Style takes care of all your needs.

Can I keep personal belongings on the boat?

Yes, each owner will be able to leave a number of personal effects including bathroom products, linens and other preferred items they do not wish to share with the other owners. In addition, a preference sheet will be sent to each owner prior to their next reservation so the crew can setup the boat exactly as you wish. Every time you step on board, you will step on board your yacht, not someone else’s yacht.

How does the scheduling works?

Each owner is allocated a number of days each year and a set of simple rules insure fairness between each owner. You can reserve your next time on board by using Sea Style’s app or if you prefer call our concierge for help in organizing your next trip.

Who pays for the maintenance?

Maintenance costs and operational expenses of the Yacht are divided between the owners, proportionally to their share ownership. However, each owner is responsible for their own expenses while they are on board, from food. beverages, to dockage and boat consumables. Sea Style prepares a budget annually that is presented to the owners and updates it each trimester so you always know what your expenses will be.

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